Public Wealth Threat

The stock market’s in a correction;
This may impact my re-election.
If stocks do not rebound, and promptly,
Another term’s no fait accompli.
It is all due to this Chinese virus,
And how much we’ll see disease tire us
And cut deep into our productivity.
My prospects may be so fucked. Give it three
Or perhaps four more weeks to dispense of it.
And the man now in charge? It’s Mike Pence. (Oh, shit…)

In the meantime, I’m blaming the Democrats:
One more hoax I proclaim, with again no facts.
Never mind this concern is now world-wide,
And as closer this virus has swirled, I’d
Rather lay all the blame at Chuck Schumer’s feet,
And force all in my party to humor me
As I disregard all of the scientists,
And the medical truth underlying this.
It surprised me to learn people die from flu –
If you’re frightened by truth: I’m the guy for you.

So, despite all the losses investors face,
I blame Nancy for this (I detest her face).
While I love to take credit when stocks are strong,
I won’t shoulder the blame when outfoxed, or wrong.
So the impact here I choose to minimize,
So magnificently have I organized
Our response to prevent a big outburst here.
But it’s many folks’, without a doubt, worst fear
That it soon becomes clear, in the shorter haul,
I’ve screwed things up worse here than the border wall.

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