Free Screech

Reluctantly I tweeted to acknowledge all the dead,
When I’d really rather focus on some other things instead:
Like on Twitter, who I claim my right to free speech they’ve infringed –
That’s just one of several recent times where I have come unhinged.

I tweeted accusations that a TV host had murdered
A young woman who once worked for him; pretended I’d not heard her
Husband made a plea that I had caused emotional distress.
It’s a horrifying lie, which Twitter chose not to suppress.

As far as this “Obamagate” – my foot’s still on the pedal.
I claim in my campaign Barack and others tried to meddle.
The victims here? It’s me, of course – and also Michael Flynn.
Now playing just for me: the world’s smallest violin.

Joe Biden wore a mask – that’s something I chose to disparage.
Psycho Joe and Mika would, I said, at some point end their marriage.
In a video I shared: “The only good Dem is a dead one.”
Nation short on baseless rumors? It’s my job to go and spread some.

I announced a brand-new missile, which I nicknamed “super-duper.”
I demanded full capacity from Governor Roy Cooper.
I said mail-in voting leads to fraud – although there is no basis.
I insulted some reporters who kept masks upon their faces.

Seems with every passing day I find a new way to amaze.
I throw shit into a blender and proclaim it’s bouillabaisse.
I’m a master of deception and distraction and deceit –
I’ll keep slinging mud and lies in hopes it staves off my defeat.

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