Quandary List

I won’t give up without a fight;
it matters not if I am right.
There is a principle at stake:
I rail against votes I call fake.
The only problem here, you see,
is things aren’t as I claim they be.
Each time I cite another instance –
from reality, there’s distance.
Prohibitions courts aren’t granting,
postal workers are recanting,
affidavits groundless – hence,
presented without evidence.
“Did you see this happen?” “No, sir –
maybe if I’d stood much closer.”
Votes submitted after polls close;
wondering just who controls those
then it turns out there is leeway
if delivered up to three days.
Look – Nevada’s playing head games:
votes submitted under dead names;
ballots from those not alive.
How many were there? Twenty-five.
Ballots take too long to count;
unprecedented the amount.
Problems caused when Sharpies bleed through?
Nope – an effort to mislead you.
Every brand-new revelation:
figments of imagination.
Nonetheless, it’s certain I
will ask states to recertify.
There shouldn’t be one nagging doubt
that this vote I’ll keep dragging out.
Closure here I plan to stonewall
there’ll be no concession phone call.
Once all challenges exhausted,
still no way I’ll say I lost it.
No acceptance of this licking
without lots of screams and kicking.
Meanwhile, as the virus spreads
hospitals run short of beds,
vaccine yet to be disbursed
my behavior’s just the worst:
callow, petty, petulant,
deceitful and malevolent.
With rights and healthcare I play chicken
while so many more are sickened.
I fiddle as your lives combust…
The feeling I provoke? Disgust.

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