Grand Canal Seizure

A plan to slip through a narrow channel has gone sideways.

A big cargo ship’s gotten stuck in the Suez
(perhaps you’ve seen pictures of this on the new-ez).
The ship’s quite large; shows up on satellite view-ez.
The wake it creates would tip over canoe-ez.

As all other vessels are blocked, in long queu-ez,
this gives shipping companies angst and the blu-ez.
The wind was first blamed – but there’s some who accu-ez
the captain, with thoughts he was taking a snoo-ez.

The leader of Egypt has got a short fu-ez
and will not accept any further miscu-ez.
What once seemed comedic now does not amu-ez.
With worldwide supply chains this mishap sure screw-ez.

“Grand Canal Seizure” — read by the author.

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