You Gotta Bee? Leave.

A shopper returned to find his car filled with something other than groceries.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of, the epitome of scary,
to discover that your car’s now serving as an apiary.
After stopping at a market in New Mexico – Las Cruces –
some poor man learned transportation was just one of his car’s uses.

When you dash into the store to pick up bread and milk and cheese,
you do not expect your back seat to be commandeered by bees.
He had left the window part-way down; the day was rather warm,
and at first he didn’t notice 15,000 in the swarm.

Since he didn’t see the colony, perhaps the first clue was –
as he drove home with his groceries – the unrelenting buzz.
So he exited the vehicle, attempting not to jostle
this conglomerate of honeybees who, luckily, were docile.

A fireman, responding to the 9-1-1 alert,
got the bees into a hive box. Hardly anyone got hurt.
It was providence beekeeping was this first responder’s pastime.
Leave the car with windows down again? Let’s hope this was the last time.

“You Gotta Bee? Leave.” — read by the author.

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