Please, Bee – Leave Me

“Please, Bee – Leave Me” — read by the author.

A Florida homeowner discovered an apiary in an inconvenient location.

A shower’s essential to start off the day:
some folks like to linger; for others, a quickie.
Imagine the feelings of shock and dismay
if the showerhead sprayed you with something quite sticky.

Instead of warm water upon you cascading
to mix with some soap and develop a lather,
you found honeybees – eighty-thousand! – invading;
behind the shower wall they’d decided to gather.

Shampoo in your eyes is a sure cause of stinging,
so now let’s surmise how much more you would suffer
if thousands of bees on your bare skin were clinging –
with only a loofah to serve as a buffer.

Removing the hive would require demolition;
repairing the bathroom would cost lots of money.
So let the bees stay in the wall on condition
you won’t say “Buzz off!” in exchange for their honey.

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