Barr Hasn’t Paged Well

The man who grappled with the meaning of the word “suggest” has a book coming out.

Hello, everyone! I was twice the A.G.:
once for Bush 41; then, of course, DJT.
I’ve written a book and have plans to promote it.
(Well, my name’s on the cover – but someone else wrote it.)

I call the book, One Damn Thing After Another.
It’s billed as a memoir, so you’ll meet my mother.
But yarns from my childhood won’t stimulate sales;
folks want scuttlebutt and behind-the-scenes tales.

Already some content’s been leaked to the press:
my takes on oblige, disengaged from noblesse.
So, as regards Trump I take shot after shot,
naming things he did wrong – which, of course, I did not.

Once he assumed office, Trump then lost his grip;
less Man of the People – more dictatorship.
Surrounded by whack jobs, at times bellicose,
it drove me to quit, although once we were close.

Trump’s “puerile,” “discursive,” and lacks “self-control.”
I use big words which, when dumbed down, mean “a-hole.”
Let’s not bury the lede as to what I am saying:
the prospect he’ll run again I find “dismaying.”

Reflecting on Trump and Bush (not son – the older),
I speak the plain truth (reference: “eye of beholder”).
But casting myself as a beacon of probity
is likely to be believed by hardly nob’dy.

Why have I chosen to publish this tome?
I’ve got scores to settle, and jabs to hit home.
No doubt Trump’s review will contain a profane word,
so please purchase copies – before they’re remaindered.

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