Skipped for Brains

There are others, but this couple seems joined at the hip.

When we open our mouths –
ruled by two tiny brains –
all decorum goes south:
we skip right to insane.

At the drop of a hat
we will badger and heckle.
Hate’s our habitat;
we’re all Hyde and no Jekyll.

We both love to shout
so the people can hear us. We
can’t go without
latching onto conspiracy.

We’re coarse and we’re crude,
with no hint of refinement.
One of us is so rude
she lost all her assignments.

We’ll claim to be canceled
if you bash our shrieking.
Yet we at a man yelled
to curtail his speaking.

Convinced of our theories –
no ifs, buts or maybes –
increasingly, it’s clear we
need shots for rabies.

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