Come and Flamingo

“Come and Flamingo” — read by the author.

Something escaped confinement — yet isn’t considered a fugitive.

Some years back, a pink flamingo
dwelled within a Kansas zoo.
Seems they never clipped its wings, so
out amidst a storm it flew.
Once escaping from confinement
(joined by yet another bird),
it soared far, across state lines – went
all directions, so we’ve heard.
This bird spent time in Wisconsin;
a Louisiana perch;
it’s quite clear this fowl began a
quest for peace – a tiresome search.
Currently, it’s found in Texas
where it likes to socialize.
As to what this bird expects: it’s
fellowship – that’s no surprise.
Living life free and unfettered,
as compared to vassalage,
is the best idea yet heard:
home is where your castle is.

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