This Scrubs Me the Wrong Way

When this essential household device goes on the fritz – chaos ensues.

Good heavens – the dishwasher’s broken! I think
dirty cups, plates, and bowls soon will fill up the sink.
It’s been years since I’ve suffered from chapped, dishpan hands
so I’ll lay off the sponge. Hope my wife understands…

A dishwasher is a most useful appliance;
that’s why I and it formed a steadfast alliance.
Our bond is quite strong; over time I have been swayed
to supplement soap-laden pods with a rinse aid.

I took it for granted; in fact, never spent time
to properly grasp the impact of an enzyme,
digesting the remnants of starch or a protein.
A chemical triumph – as feats go, it’s no mean.

Old habits die hard; some folks can’t be convinced:
when you use a dishwasher, no need to pre-rinse.
Since hand-washing with water too hot leads to scald,
I can’t wait ‘til our brand-new dishwasher’s installed.

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