Racial Slurry

What now constitutes a “slur?”
An insult hurled at him or her.
(Let’s also consider this:
Be sensitive to “trans” and “cis.”)

It seems that nearly all agree
No longer should the N-word be
Used in our daily conversation.
Demeaning — causes consternation.

Another word that starts with “R”
We similarly disregard.
Instead of calling “handicapped”
Say “challenged” by the skill they lack.

It makes no sense when we demean
With words or phrases now obscene.
But some complain: “How long’s the list?
Can I say, ‘white supremacist’?”

The President made up his mind
(And also, seems, the New York Times)
That not all Nazis are so bad.
Could be your neighbor, or your dad.

And while he honored Navajos
The Prez went where he should not go.
He mentioned Pocahontas’ name
And used it once more to defame.

He’s called some women “fat,” or “pigs,”
Among so many other digs.
He’s mocks all who get in his way
With derogatory sobriquets.

Now — to be fair — some label him
As “mentally unfit,” or “dim,”
A “con man,” “racketeer,” and “reckless.”
Some have gone as far as “feckless.”

A few in his administration
Privately express frustration.
And yet it seems like every day
Trump causes even more dismay.

I wish discourse would elevate
With words of pride, instead of hate.
We can agree to disagree
Without this insult potpourri.

But having come to this conclusion
I’ve got one more verbal contusion.
And though it seems a pity — it
Means Trump’s a fucking idiot.


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